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Women with nutritious food in kitchen Our Chiropractic office in Port St. Lucie is available for nutritional advice. 

In this day and age, specialization seems to be the norm. However, Sandpiper Family Chiropracitc believes that a broader approach to health actually produces better results.

 Dr. Richard Kupcho tends toward an integrated approach to physical wellness, with "whole body" treatment that encourages lifestyle and nutritional changes, meditation, and relaxation, physical and mental exercise, and positive reinforcement. In addition to non-invasive, drug-free treatment to promote necessary healing from accidents or injury, small changes in lifestyle and diet can be life-changing.

A Coordinated Approach to Wellness

Dr. Kupcho knows that life is busy and stressful. While we cannot adequately stress the importance of regular exercise and proper diet, we understand that major change is difficult. But, in addition to helping our patients with posture and corrective exercises to promote healing, we emphasize diet, regular exercise, sleep, and a positive mindset. 

Our culture has become increasingly sedentary. Along with job stress, modern habits can take a toll on both physical and mental health. We see the results. A growing number of younger people are now overweight or obese. The number of people with diabetes and heart problems has grown steadily in the past couple of decades. As a society, we now consume more pills than ever before. We are, in some ways, less fit than previous generations. 

Finding Better Ways to Fitness and Health

However, that can all change. Dr. Kupcho recommends a regular program of exercise for 20 to 30 minutes at least three or four times a week. A gym membership isn't necessary. A brisk walk or Modern dance moves are great ways to reap the benefits! Play a game of pickup basketball, or touch football, go canoeing with the family or take up yoga to reap the dual benefits of stretching and meditation. 

Eat simple meals that are heavy on fruit, vegetables, and fiber; include whole grains, nuts, and legumes. Lessen your dependence on coffee and sweets. Limit alcohol and soda consumption. If you still smoke, quit. Take brown bag lunches to work or school, and skip the drive-through lanes -- your budget will stretch further as well. Cook at home.

Let Your Chiropractor Guide You

Visit local farmers markets, or plan a "kitchen garden" to experience true fresh flavors and the great taste of just-picked tomatoes or fruits. Spend a few weekend hours cooking meals to freeze if your weekday schedules are jammed.

For additional ideas, simply schedule a consultation with Dr. Kupcho at (772-337-4611) who is always available to help you reclaim your vitality and set you on the path to lasting wellness. Our consultation and testing can help focus what is needed.

Partnership with Standard Process Nutritional Supplements

Dr. Kupcho and the Sandpiper Family Chiropractic offices hold a partnership with Standard Process Nutritional Supplements and Medi Herb. If you are a patient with our offices, you have access to discounted supplements, immune system packs, and more. 

Standard Process was founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee who committed his life to advancing health through whole food nutrition. They apply a holistic approach to how they farm, manufacture, and protect the quality of their products. This comprehensive approach ensures that their nutritional supplements deliver complex nutrients as close to nature as possible.

They are one of the few supplement manufacturers that grows many of their own raw materials organically and sustainably. They use state-of-the-art processes to retain vital nutrients within their ingredients and are proud that both their farm and production facility are certified organic. Their first-of-its-kind Nutrition Innovation Center supports their efforts with invaluable insights that validate current practices and inspire innovation.

While 15-20% of the vitamin companies currently also use these guidelines, Standard Process and Medi Herb, the parent company, continues to be one of the more afforable options in comparison to their competitors.

Here is how to get started:

  1. Go to Standard Process wesbsite and click on "APPLY FOR ACCOUNT" located at the top right corner.
  2. Click on Patient.
  3. On the START YOUR JOURNEY page, click on this, ---- "Already working with one of our health care practitionaers? Enter your code here."
  4. Scroll through the Terms of Use and then enter our direct code: PDX7G9. Click on the verify and agree button.
  5. Fill out your personal info: Name, Address, Phone, etc.
  6. Agree to the Terms of Agreement and Privacy Statements.

Dr. Kupcho will verify your account with Standard Process and then you get a link to set up an account username and password.

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